7 Ways to Make Your Binge-Watching Eco-Friendly

7 Ways to Make Your Binge-Watching Eco-Friendly

In recent years, binge-watching—watching multiple episodes of the same show in one sitting—has become increasingly popular. From television to the newest Netflix series, binge-watching can quickly become an addiction, especially when it becomes routine to pick up your phone after dinner to watch another episode of something you've already seen a half-dozen times before. 

As fun as binge-watching can be, it could be more eco-friendly. In fact, if you're a habitual binge-watcher, your entertainment habits may be hurting the environment more than you realize.

1) Recycle or donate old electronics

One of the easiest ways to make your entertainment eco-friendly is to recycle or donate old electronics. When you're done with an old laptop, cell phone, or television, contact your local recycling company or charity to find out how to dispose of it properly. 

For example, if you have a cellphone that still works but doesn't suit your needs, many companies will allow you to trade in your phone for a discount on a new one. If you're looking for something more accessible and tangible than electronics, try buying recycled paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels instead of their virgin counterparts. 

You'll save energy by consuming less paper while reducing trash in landfills!

2) Buy a power strip

It's time for a power strip! A power strip will allow you to plug multiple electronic devices into the same outlet. This means you'll only need one wall socket for all your devices, which is excellent for the environment because it'll save energy and electricity costs. 

Use power strips with a switch or timer control so everything automatically shuts off at night when you sleep. Plus, it has a surge protector, so your equipment should be safe from harm if there's an electrical outage or brownout.

3) Set your devices to airplane mode

Aeroplane mode is the most important and easiest way to make binge-watching eco-friendly. When you're done watching, just turn off airplane mode. If you need to charge your device, use a power strip with a built-in timer or set it so that it turns off after 2 hours of charging. 

Finally, watch TV or movies on the smallest screen possible - use your laptop, tablet, or phone rather than a computer monitor.

4) Unplug devices when they're not in use

Unplug devices when they're not in use. This applies to cell phones and laptops, televisions, and coffee pots. Remember, when the device is off or in sleep mode, it's still using energy. 

And be mindful of how long your device has been running—the longer the time, the more energy is used. If you're watching a TV show on Netflix or Hulu, turn it off after binge-watching!

5) Use streaming services that offset their carbon footprint

Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are all excellent choices for eco-friendly binge-watching. Netflix cancels its carbon footprint and is a big supporter of renewable energy. Hulu has pledged that by 2020, they will already use 100% renewable energy sources and are currently offsetting their carbon time with carbon trading. 

YouTube has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% before 2020. There are also plenty of other options if you're looking for something specific, like documentaries or science fiction.

6) Educate yourself on the e-waste problem

E-waste, or electronic waste, is one of the fastest-growing sources of pollution on the planet. The United States alone generates about 75 million tons of e-waste annually, a lot considering its only one country in the world. 

This has severe implications for our environment, and it's also having negative impacts on people, animals, and our society. One solution to this problem is for you to take steps to be eco-friendly when you're binge-watching your favorite show.

7) Advocate for change

Although binge-watching your favorite show might be a guilty pleasure, it can also lead to serious environmental consequences. The carbon footprint created when you choose this form of entertainment can be as high as an international flight. To reduce our environmental impact, we need to advocate for change. 

We can reduce binge-watching's carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Another way to make binge-watching more eco-friendly is using devices with Energy Star certifications. 

We also need to ensure that we turn off all devices when not in use and consider the best ways to travel back home from our favorite streaming location (i.e., biking, transit, carpooling).

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