8 Eco-friendly Travel Destinations You'll Want to Visit!

8 Eco-friendly Travel Destinations You'll Want to Visit!

Tired of the same old destinations? If you're looking to get away but want to make an environmental impact, look no further than these sustainable travel destinations that are trending now. 

By employing sustainable practices, these destinations ensure your vacation doesn't contribute to the problems of pollution, global warming, and deforestation. So you can have fun without feeling guilty about it later!

1) Siem Reap - Explore Cambodia's Heart

Siem Reap is at the center of Cambodia's heart and soul. Though it's known as the gateway city to Angkor Wat, there are many hidden gems here just waiting for exploration. It's also a fantastic destination for eco-tourism, with myriad temples you can visit by tuk-tuk, bike, or foot. 

Visitors often choose Siem Reap as a base when they want to explore Cambodia since it has excellent transportation links across the country and lots of history and culture.

2) Sagada - Experience North Philippines' Natural Charm

At 4,600 meters above sea level, the cool temperature and crystal clear waters of Sagada will make you feel like you're living in a movie. The town is filled with nature lovers who are always itching to take the next trek, hike, or adventure that awaits them. 

Between exploring caves, indulging in sweet treats at Burgos Park, and viewing one of the country's finest waterfalls right before you gaze up into a starlit sky, it's no surprise that this region is one of the Philippines' most popular tourist destinations. Check out these other unique eco-friendly travel destinations now!

3) Kaikoura - Swim With Whale Sharks in New Zealand

The best time of year to swim with whale sharks is between September and November. This is because they are found off the coast of New Zealand during these months. They're often at sea between December and May. You might also see humpback whales on your way down if you get lucky! 

The trip takes two full days - one day for the boat ride and one day for diving. The best time of day to see whale sharks is right after or before sunrise or right before sunset. Depending on where they are in their migration patterns, they can be found near New Zealand's east coast, west coast, or the Chatham Islands.

4) Chongqing - Breathe In The Country's Breath Of Fresh Air

If you want a unique travel experience, head west and embrace China's burgeoning environmentalism. Chongqing is the greenest city of its size in all of China; it is also home to the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest power-generating station. 

While you're here, take a hike around Western Hills Park or just wander the cobblestone streets and admire the fountains and historical monuments.

5) Cappadocia - Discover Turkiet's Unusual Landscape

Cappadocia, Turkiet, is famous for its unbelievable landscape, including valleys, stone pillars, and villages carved out of the unusual-looking tufa rock. This one-of-a-kind destination offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an escape from their busy lives. 

If you're looking for somewhere different, this fairytale-like region will surely capture your attention.

6) Tulum, Mexico - Enjoy A Healthy Caribbean Lifestyle

Tulum, Mexico, is a place for a healthy lifestyle. Tulum's numerous organic cafés and organic products will satisfy any conscious traveler's desires. Many hotels here have rooftop gardens and recycling facilities with composting toilets, so visitors can experience the culture of eco-living right at home. 

Since Tulúm is located on a Caribbean coastline, it benefits from cool ocean breezes year-round, so being outdoors is always an option. It also has an impressively high level of biodiversity; there are well over 1,500 species of plants that grow here, many of which are only found here and not anywhere else in the world.

Tulum's organic farm teaches locals how they can preserve the land while still being able to make enough money to support themselves.

7) Reykjavik, Iceland - See The Northern Lights Without Travelling Far

At the top of anyone's list of eco-friendly destinations must be Reykjavik, Iceland. This capital city promotes sustainable initiatives that protect nature and is a significant pioneer for geothermal energy. 

Today, nearly every home and building in Iceland use this renewable power. If you visit, remember to see the Northern Lights. They're really quite incredible! The lights are best viewed from late September through early April.

8) Mumbai, India - Relax On One Of The Largest Islands

A magical coastal gem, Mumbai is a thriving and vibrant city. As one of the largest islands on the planet, it offers visitors plenty of options for exploring and world-class food, entertainment, and shopping. 

But remember the breathtaking beaches where you can relax, swim or go for a long walk before indulging in more local culture. And once you're done with your stay, multiple green travel transportation modes will get you back home quick without costing the earth.

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