How to have fun on a budget: Tips for sustainable living

How to have fun on a budget: Tips for sustainable living

Sustainable living is challenging and can take some time. Sometimes, you want to let loose and have fun, but how can you do that while trying to be as eco-friendly as possible? 

Here are some tips on having fun on a budget by living in an environmentally friendly way at home. Not only will your quality of life improve, but so will the environment!

Save money by planning your own entertainment

One of the best ways to save money is by making your own entertainment. Whether baking with friends, putting together your own potluck dinner, taking up gardening, or simply hanging out in your backyard, there are many low-cost things you can do that will be more fulfilling than watching TV. 

Plus, you'll get exercise and avoid the commercials! In other words, eating healthy can make you happy and healthy!

Connect with friends and enjoy their company

There are plenty of things you can do with friends. Watch movies, play games, organize picnics, go bowling or work out together. 

Even if it's just one night a week, set aside time to get together with your friends and enjoy each other's company without spending any money.

Get out in nature

The next time you want something fun and cheap with your family, try getting out in nature. 

You'll find many awesome things to do outside. Whether building a fort in the backyard, going on an adventure with your kids at the playground, or playing dress-up, there is always something that can make everyone happy.

Drink less alcohol or make your own cocktails at home

One way to save money is by drinking less alcohol. It could be as simple as going out once per week instead of two or drinking water and keeping your spending on the cheap drinks that are already homemade at the bar (ex., margaritas). 

However, if you must drink during the work week, there are many ways to keep costs down, such as making your own cocktails at home.

Change how you look at spending

A great way to save money and make your life more sustainable is by changing the way you think about your spending. You don't need high-end electronics, fancy clothes, or expensive foods. 

You need food in your stomach, clothes on your back, and shelter over your head. Taking care of these needs will provide you with what's most important while saving you a ton of money that can be used elsewhere in the future.

Become an expert coupon clipper

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy life, try becoming an expert coupon clipper. By investing a bit of time every day and using the best apps, you can take advantage of unique deals that make your money go far. 

There are many ways beyond shopping where coupons can save money, such as checking sites like Groupon or Airbnb before booking or offering services through Fiverr.

Watch what you spend outside of groceries

What are some ways to enjoy yourself without spending too much money? One easy way is through group activities. Other people may charge, but that cost can be split between you and the rest of your group. 

Other ideas include walking outside, visiting a library, taking advantage of free public art, or watching educational videos online. These all cost little or nothing while still making you feel happier!

Find free activities nearby (museums, parks, hiking trails...)

You can always explore the outdoors; many state parks offer free admission to the public. Hiking trails are always a great option. To find free activities, research online and see what your area has in terms of local attractions. 

Locally, you can go kayaking, even on someone's private river property. Additionally, check out local museums or historical sites in your area - which may offer different forms of entertainment, such as IMAX theatres, interactive exhibits, and more.

Create new habits! Take up something new each month.

Of course, the sky is the limit to finding something new every month. For example, take up meditation. Start by sitting in silence, watching your breath, and feeling yourself breathe. The goal is to clear your mind and find clarity that way. Take up calligraphy. If you're going the static route, then take up calligraphy and learn how to make those beautiful cursive letters! 

Take up doodling - Doodling is a great way to release tension and draw thoughts onto paper. Plus, it's super easy! It's therapeutic! Walk outside more often - Spend time getting used to nature, appreciating its beauty, or just walking around without any end goal. Get rid of clutter - Living with clutter can be toxic, so get rid of things that no longer serve you. Clear space in your house, and you'll feel less stressed. 

Finally, remember to indulge every once in a while! Pick something luxurious and spoil yourself silly while still being mindful of not overdoing it and doing it sustainably.

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